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Shoot Indoors with X-Ring Rubber Bullets from Meister

February 11, 2010

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could shoot but find you are without the space to do it? If it seems the weather is always against you, you’re too far from an indoor shooting range or you just don’t have the time in your schedule to travel somewhere, consider shooting at home. With proper ventilation, the X-Ring Rubber Bullet can be shot in relatively small spaces like a garage, shed or even in the basement. X-Ring Rubber Bullets are easy to load, fun to shoot and practical for any practice situation.

What’s great about the X-Ring Rubber Bullet is that it can be used relatively anywhere with your weapon of choice by loading the bullet into empty brass cartridge cases. To avoid functionality issues, a group of casings should be dedicated to X-Ring Rubber Bullet shooting by enlarging the primer flash hole with a drill bit. Then, simply primer the casing with a hand-priming tool and insert the rubber bullet into the case.

After a few bullets are loaded, set up a target area. Make sure your target has a catch-box since X-Ring Bullets can be re-used several times. A simple cardboard box with any baffling material like newspaper, towels or old blankets will be sufficient. After making sure your area is generously ventilated, arming yourself with safety gear and preparing the area (you don’t want to accidentally overshoot or have a bullet ricochet onto ma’s antique vase), let the fun begin!

Shooting fanatics can get live-fire experience virtually anywhere. Novice shooters can practice gun handling and cowboy shooters can practice their quick-draw technique. Shooters who need their weapons to perform in sensitive situations can use the X-Ring Rubber Bullets for tactical training. The possibilities are endless because spontaneous practice can happen just about anywhere with the X-Ring Rubber Bullet.

What is Leading?

September 4, 2009
Lubricated and Sealed

Lubricated and Sealed to reduce leading.

If a bullet is shot at too high of a velocity, the pressure and firing power placed on the bullet when the hammer hits the bullet casing causes the end of the bullet to melt.  That melted lead is shoved through the chamber causing “leading” of the chamber. A barrel that has a high amount of residue or “leading” will not shoot accurately and could result in injury to shooter or weapon.

We don’t want this to happen to you. Meister Bullet and Ammunition Company recommends a shooting velocity of 1000 fps for pistols and 1600 fps on rifles to minimize leading.  To further protect your barrel, we use a specially formulated lubrication for our bullets. As a final safeguard, we seal our bullets with a specialized sealant.  Meister Bullet uses the highest quality lead alloy composition for all of our lead bullets.

Meister Bullet and Ammunition Company has perfected the art of casting over the past 20+ years to ensure the best composition, hardness and uniformity for optimum shooting.  To learn more about our bullet alloy composition, hardness and lubricant, visit the articles section of our Website.

Cowboy Bullets

August 19, 2009
Look for this icon when shopping for qualified cowboy bullets

Look for this icon when shopping for qualified cowboy bullets.

In addition to the quality hard cast bullets made for common handguns and rifles, Meister Bullet & Ammunition Company has bullets specifically designed for the nostalgic cowboy era replica firearms. These bullets are marked with a “cowboy bullet” icon so new shooters can easily identify the bullets generally used for Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS).

Cowboy shooters are restricted to using bullets made of lead or lead-based alloy. In addition, the bullets used for regulation CAS cannot exceed a certain velocity. According to the Single Action Shooting Society, this velocity is determined by the type of firearm shot – a maximum of 1,000 fps for revolvers and 1,400 fps for rifles.

As master bullet makers, we know not everyone is in it for the nostalgic cowboy days.  That’s why we make such a wide variety of bullets. On the other hand, if you’re interested in a different way to enjoy shooting, CAS may be for you.